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Teacher Warriors: It's Not Something You Do, It's Who You ARE
By Jean MacLeod with Devon Orrin
"Somewhere in the lessons that we differentiated because we wanted to, the wild nights out that we traded for grading nights in, the tired backs and feet from standing all day..."

My Letter of Resignation [I WON'T Quit]
By Christine McCartney
"I will not be leaving the teaching profession anytime soon. This is despite the fact that current educational reform efforts are continually pushing some of the best and brightest educators closer and closer to the door of the classroom, if they haven’t already left"...

By Jennifer Marten
"I teach kids not data points. What I know about them doesn’t come from a bubble test. It comes from conversations, collaboration, and authentic assessment"...

By Christine McCartney
"I am your child’s teacher. My role as educator extends far beyond the walls of my classroom. It is my profession, what I practice. I have chosen to devote the better part of what will be the years that make up my life to educating your child. I take it very seriously and I should; I am a stakeholder in your child’s future"...
By Chris Farrell
"We all know America’s schools are terrible, right? Or are the more recent gains signs of a heartening rebound, a harbinger of a much brighter education future?"

Outstanding Educators of Oakland County 2014